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  1. Elixir Derma Cleanser – 120ml

    Enriched with Bergamot

    This uplifting blend with bergamot oil leaves skin feeling refreshed and visibly supple after every use.

  2. Elixir Toner Sensitive – 120ml

    Cleanse and minimise visible pores

    A gentle and soothing toner suitable for sensitive and acne skin types.

  3. Elixir Toner Bergamot – 100ml

    Enriched with Bergamot

    A moisturising and soothing toner that removes residual impurities and prepares your skin for the absorption of moisturisers and serums.

  4. Elixir Cleansing Milk – 120ml

    Deeply moisturised and visibly supple

    Moisturizing and toning, it imparts freshness and comfort to the epidermis

  5. Elixir Tinted UV Protection – 30ml

    Broad Spectrum SPF 35

    A light textured water-based tinted sunscreen that applies easily on the skin giving a healthy dewy glow, while providing a translucent veil that protects against the harmful UVA/UVB rays, environmental assaults and free radicals.

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    Special Price: $94.40

  6. Elixir 360° Solar Defender – 30ml

    SPF 50 with UVA and UVB Protection

    A water-based sunblock that offers UV protection and brightens skin with its active ingredients.

  7. Elixir EYE Serum – 15ml

    Contributing to premature ageing

    An advanced firming treatment that diminishes signs of ageing and then works to repair skin from within.



7 Item(s)