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Built on a highly awarded winning brand that has been internationally recognized and endorsed for its corporate performance, HAACH has achieved the respect both in the lifestyle wellness industry and the business community for its professionalism and elegant experience.

Drawing ideas and experiences from some of the most well established and best-known international spas, HAACH creates a “Singapore Black & White Urban Spa” which offers a relaxing haven in the middle of metropolitan Singapore.

Trusted and award-recognizing homegrown “Total Lifestyle Wellness” service provider in the premium spa, face, skin, body and product care industry since 1997 – taking the best that the world has to offer to provide a well-tailored ‘Total Lifestyle Wellness’ to provide customized enhancement solution for its clients.

Creating a wholly unique experience through comprehensive repertoire of wellness rituals, HAACH aims to heighten one’s sense of relaxation and well-being, returning your personal balance and harmony in you.

Leading as a homegrown “Holistic Lifestyle Wellness” service provider, HAACH aims to provide the most relaxing, yet effective premium face, skin and body services.

Known for its client-centric service excellence, HAACH believes that customer’s satisfaction is the utmost importance. We pride ourselves to be the market leader in total wellness offering beauty and lifestyle experience at unsurpassed customer service.

Marrying the western technology and eastern influence to provide the best of both worlds, a comprehensive wellness lifestyle program that gives you the purest symbol of loyalty to beauty.



Beautiful, flawless skin is possible. At HAACH, we believe in skin confidence. We believe that good skin and confidence go hand in hand and HAACH is dedicated to attain the perfect Korean glass skin you desire. This 21st Anniversary, HAACH recreates a new way to enjoy a unique modern beauty experience, bringing you the ultimate pampering haven to revel in a spot of indulgence. A step into HAACH envelopes you with elegance and poise, attended by skilful and passionate therapists combining the best of Western and Eastern techniques with cutting-edge technology to deliver the best of both worlds. Reconnecting you with elegance and beauty at its best, your journey with HAACH becomes a way of life to bring forth your allure.