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Dr HAACH Natural Skincare Products

Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in Beauty and Wellness

Dr HAACH is a premium aesthetic beauty clinic providing medical-grade aesthetic procedures and medi-spa therapies. The second-generation evolution from HAACH® - drawing from over 19 years of specialised expertise in beauty and skincare and in-line with the HAACH® philosophy of using premium skincare products and the best beauty technology.

Dr HAACH provides a range of premium natural skincare products which are well-acclaimed by the masses. Combining the strong knowledge in skin care and natural formulations of the highest quality, Dr HAACH is able to produce premium natural skincare products allowing skin to reach its best potential.


Miracle Formula

ELIXIR refers to longevity and youthfulness and this miracle formula allows skin to attain this with regular use. Working like a miracle, ELIXIR miracle formula uses a customised formulation of natural ingredients from botanicals, flowers, herbs, natural essential oils and active components from fruits, effectively repairing and caring for the skin leaving skin looking younger. This miracle formula is the ultimate premium natural skin-care product.